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Let us add a little magical music to your book in our Pro Tools Digital Recording Studio ...

Using Your Voice - Just send us a good quality recording of your narration ...  We'll do the rest!  (If you need a recording studio to record your voice just let us know.  If you live near or plan to visit the Houston area, please contact us for a recording session date.) 

Using our Professional Voice Talent - Send us a copy of your Book/Manuscript - we'll record the narration and create the orchestration to bring your story alive!

We can also handle the CD mastering, cover design and duplication.











Sample Projects

Dr. Lindamichellebaron, a former New York City public school teacher, earned her Master's Degree in Reading and her Doctorate in Cross Categorical Studies from Columbia University's Teachers College. She is the founder, and over a decade has been president of the publishing and educational consulting company Harlin Jacque Publications. Her books include: The Sun Is On (listed as a recommended book for New York State middle schools); Rhythm & Dues: Poetry & Idea Book; For the Love of Life; and Anthony Ant and Grady Grasshopper.

Wally (Famous) Amos - The Cookie Man sings Yum Double Yum! We produced a companion CD 
for Wally's new Children's book - "No More Chocolate Chips". Wally performs two original songs (Shockey Publishing) and the reading of his book with incidental music (Shockey Publishing) and sound effects. 

The book features Chip & Cookie - two lovable, plush dolls made in the image of chocolate chip cookies, created by Wally's wife, Christine Harris-Amos. They embody the fun, warmth, love and positive feelings associated with chocolate chip cookies. They are "Ambassadors of Reading" encouraging children to read and enjoy learning. They believe that books help create a solid foundation for a successful life. 

Wally Amos says "The beauty of chocolate chip cookies is that they appeal to children of all ages." 

That grasshopper and ant are at it again! An old tale takes on a new twist when Lindamichellebaron retells it. Rollicking art, dancing text and a playful song compliment the story.  Our new swingin' CD is performed by Lindamichellebaron with the able assistance of her brother, Herman Baron, and famous cookie baron and literacy advocate.  By Dr. Lindamichellebaron


Look into yourself! New approaches to living, learning, reading and writing from a master educator and artist.  By Dr. Lindamichellebaron

CD based on this popular web site is out. is one of the most highly visited sites for teachers, children and earth related organizations with an average of 1,000,000 hits per month. It is the recipient of numerous awards and highly endorsed by educational and environmental portals such as Lightspan’s Study Web, USA today Copernicus Educational Gateway, and The Exploratorium. It has been written up in CNN, Msnbc, and Earth Times as a place to be for earthday and everyday. Planetpals are endearing and whimsical characters that help us understand the universe and care for everything in it. What better way to enjoy learning about the environment than with this playful group of friends!  All songs performed by the popular children’s music group Jambo.  Lyrics included.

More than poetry: a book about coming of age and rites of passage; a book that becomes a vehicle for traveling from one stage of life to the next.  By Dr. Lindamichellebaron

Imagine a world governed by a rabbit, where ice cream is endless and having fun is a full-time endeavor.  These dreams really do come true at Give Kids The World!  Wish-granting   organizations around the world send children with life-threatening illnesses to The Village.  We completed a 5 song cassette for the kids at Give Kids The World.  The response was so terrific that we produced an  expanded 11 song CD.





Recording Studio Our Pro Tools digital recording studio is complete with high-end microphones, special effects, music bed tracks and sound effects. We also offer custom original music composing and orchestration.


Narration Professional Voice Talent - Male and/or Female


Mastering We will prepare your final mix for duplication.  Depth, punch, sense of air and detail can all be enhanced.  Remove pops, clicks and strange noises ...


Graphic Design  Once your project is recorded, mastered and ready for duplication, we can help with the design and layout for all printed areas.  We can use your supplied photos and artwork or you may choose from our extensive library of commercial stock photos and images.

CD Replication  Digital Sound Productions offers CD Replication services for quantities from 1000 to 50,000. CD-ROM's are pressed from a glass master and screen printed from 1 to 5 colors. We can supply screen printed CD inserts and inlays to fit your choice of packaging. CD packaging options include jewel cases, plastic sleeves, envelopes and printed cardboard sleeves.



Bravo Picker


CD-R Duplication  We can provide CD Duplication services for quantities of 1 to 1,000. We use the highest quality certified SKC recordable media, ensuring the highest data fidelity. CD surface printing options include inkjet CD printing and laser labels. CD packaging options include jewel cases, plastic sleeves, envelopes and printed cardboard sleeves.

LaserJet 3500 Laser Printer

Printing/Packaging  Packaging options include jewel cases of varying shapes and sizes, cardboard, paper, tyvec and vinyl sleeves, clam shells, mailers, DVD boxes and much more. If you require short run, high quality production of inserts, tray cards, or other printed material, let us provide a timely, cost effective solution with our in-house HP  (Hewlett-Packard) LaserJet 3500 high-end Laser Printer.









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