Shockey is actually the creative juices behind Digital Sound Productions 

Shockey is producers John and Karen Shockey 

Shockey is the compositions of John and the countenance and influence of Karen

Shockey is a collaboration of two hearts 

Shockey is the combined musical experience of 50 years in musical theater, orchestra and audio production 

Shockey is a unique blend of beautiful melodies and magical arrangements 

Shockey is a collection of new songs that sound a little familiar but with a fresh modern sound

Shockey can be heard in over 100 Hospitals throughout the United States on the C.A.R.E. channel

Shockey can be heard in the best SPAs, Resorts and Inns worldwide

Shockey is used in the sessions of professional body workers, therapists and estheticians

Shockey is distributed by New Leaf and DeVorss

Shockey can be purchased on, and DSP

Shockey is simply a great musical experience

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John and Karen Shockey

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