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"Highly recommended for in-store play, this soothing CD blends exquisite instrumentals with gentle sounds of nature to create a consistently tranquil and supportive atmosphere. Thanks to exceptional production, the music is definitely a cut above similar CDs available and great for use during bodywork, yoga, meditation or quiet times." - PJ Birosik, Musik International



This healing music gently travels through peaceful melodies and nature sounds. As you journey through beautiful melodies, you are gently immersed in a sonic wave of enchantment. Native American flute, silver flute, violin, oboe, guitar, piano and soft rhythm sounds blend to form an essential addition to any healing music collection.

On the edge of the earth where the land meets the sea, we can embrace the power of the healing waters. And from a hidden source that pours up through the surface of the land - from the bellows below - bringing forth nourishment of minerals and other healing properties for those who drink and bath. Water is the purity and nourishment that covers three quarters of this earth. It is the grace and presence, the power of the origin as it said that life itself originated in the seas.
Even the Romans understood the power of the healing waters from deep within the mountains, long before the era of wellness and beauty. Because the people were unable to understand the effects of the thermal water, it was long said to have mystic powers.

1. Dream Essence  (8:23)  2. Quiet Waters  (9:45)  3. Ocean Rhapsody  (7:32)   4. Seashore Drive  (11:36)  5. Mediterranean Shore  (8:18) 

Pricing:  $3.25 each with a minimum of 10 CDs!!!  (You can mix the titles to meet the minimum.)

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