SPA Music - "This collection of healing music arranged by John Shockey was created to fine-tune the spirit. A serene mix of flute, violin, oboe, guitar and piano seamlessly blend to create balance. The music flows with silklike ease, and the sounds of nature make themselves known with a ripple here, a whisper there. Spa Music (Digital Sound Productions) is an enchanting selection, with each track dedicated to caressing the sometimes-fragile heart, mind and soul." - Stephen Cipoletto - AmericanSpa Magazine
SPA Music - This soothing music takes you to a place of peace, calm and serenity. As you journey through beautiful melodies and nature sounds, you are gently immersed in a sonic wave perfect for Spa treatments and Meditation. Enchanting Native American flute, silver flute, violin, oboe, guitar, piano and soft rhythm sounds blend to enhance the spa treatment. An essential addition to any healing music collection.  - Massage Magazine
Spirit of the Healing Waters is a quintessential example of the sort of music typically used by healing practitioners, such as massage therapists and acupuncturists. On this independent album from John Shockey, ethereal keyboard melodies are supported by seagull cries and rolling waves, giving listeners a sense of transcendence, while, at the same time, grounding them in the natural world.  The album, best suited to support healing work rather than to be played as forefront sound, facilitates a peaceful, introspective experience.  Practitioners can use Spirit of the Healing Waters in their waiting rooms as well as during sessions with clients. Other customers may want to play the CD during their own meditation or yoga sessions or in moments of relaxation.  - New Age Retailer


Wally Amos Sings - The Wally Amos Sings CD just arrived...thank you!  The songs are very cute!  CD production quality is excellent...good job!  - Jim Horan, President - The One Page Business Plan Company


“Beautiful CD - very relaxing … as sweet as chocolate chip cookies“ - Wally Amos, Entrepreneur, Founder of Famous Amos
"Highly recommended for in-store play, this soothing CD blends exquisite instrumentals with gentle sounds of nature to create a consistently tranquil and supportive atmosphere. Thanks to exceptional production, the music is definitely a cut above similar CDs available and great for use during bodywork, yoga, meditation or quiet times." - PJ Birosik, Musik International
Two Songs Selected for Film -For our film In The Shadow of The Blade, we needed music that is in sync with the heartfelt stories that people (affected by the Vietnam War) shared with us.  Quiet Waters was a perfect match for us and helped us drive our emotional stories forward.  It layers in real nice!  Actually, we used quite a bit of Indian Springs as well since it fit lovely with the overall healing theme of the film …”   Pat Fries, Arrowhead Films

"I really enjoyed your website, especially the opportunity to preview the music.  We are looking forward to creating gifts that include your music.  Thank you for your speedy service.  Thank you especially for your great customer service.  That is something we truly believe in.  Have a great day!"  - K. O’Grady

"Thank you so much and please let me know when you add on any additional titles. Any plans for a patriotic for the summer? Your sound is great and your prices even better. I am a small business just starting so cost is important but so is quality and with your product I am lucky to get both". - S. Tullo

"Dear Karen,  I met you by phone this afternoon and placed my first order.  I was trying to listen to the Romance CD sample and it loaded, finally.  Oh my goodness how wonderful! The music is crisp & clear, peaceful yet exciting, and so very relaxing.  Thank you for suggesting the Romance CD.  Can you believe I sat and listened to the samples over and over???  I look forward to my order!!  It was very nice speaking to you!"  - Linda. M.  Licensed Massage Therapist & Registered Esthetician

"Thanks so much for the Spirit of the Healing Waters CD - I love it!  I have it playing right now in my office."  -Teresa - American Spa

"Karen, I received the music and have been listening and enjoying!!!  I don't think I have gotten to listen to a CD all the way through yet since I have been busy.  I really am enjoying the Romance CD!! Today, I like to hear Manhattan the most.  I absolutely love saxophone!  I think the Spirit of the Healing Waters will be perfect for my massage and facials!!  Today, I have enjoyed Dream Essence above the others but yesterday I liked your song - Karen's Song.  Also, thank you so much for including the complimentary Indulgence CD!  My compliments to your husband's music and all involved in making these wonderful CD's for us to enjoy.  Music is a gift of life!!!  Happiness today,  Linda J."

"I offer spa gift baskets (soaps & candles), spa diaper and towel cakes, bath products for the new baby, mom, brides & others needing them for all occasions. I also do my waxing bears, rabbits, etc pushing wheelbarrows full of silk flowers, setting in rocking chairs, etc and also waxing bridal boquets, baby socks (smelly feet) to use for air refreshenrs, sachets or just decorations. I have many different ideas of things to wax. I hope by the beginning of next year to have my own store. My speciality will be the basket of hope for breast cancer awareness. Offering a white towel made into a basket shaped like a heart, hand towel embordered with the pink ribbon, white wax bunny holding a pink ribbon, pink & white soaps and candles and of course, the CD. I hope my business grows quickly and if it does you will be getting all of my business because I just loved your CD's. Also, I heard about you from doing a search on the internet for spa music. I am so glad I found Digital Sound Productions. I will keep you informed on how my clients like your CD's.  Looking forward in doing business with you.  Best regards,Becky K."

"thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PS  Even the "snapshots" of your CD's are awesome.  Can't wait to include them in our gift baskets  - Melissa"

"Hi Karen,  We just received our order & wanted to thank you for the complimentary cd's... we are working on our family reunion which will be held this Christmas- I think we'll pop in the Season's Greetings cd to help us get in the holiday mood!  People have given us lots of compliments on the cd's we use in our baskets (especially the Lullabies- we supply the local hospital's maternity ward with small baskets & include them- they LOVE giving them to their new moms!)  Thank you again- you guys are great!   Sincerely, Kathy & Rich D."


"Hello Karen;  Thank you very kindly for the email update. I am one who genuinely appreciates the personal touch.  I have to admit that I am not exactly certain where I found you....but I am thinking it was in a magazine called: Retailer News or perhaps it was Gift Basket Review. I am so very new, I have been inundated with information from one end of this nation to the other. :O)  I chose your company for two reasons. First was that I could hear samples of the music online...a major plus for me. Second, is your price scale. Being a gift basket retailer....$3.95 per CD, and a minimum order of only 10 CD's, is absolutely the "perfect" price range for me.  Again, thank you for the email and I look forward to a continued business relationship. :O)  Kindly,  Kristen C."


"By the way.......The music sounds s-o-o-o-o-o good!  - Anne"


"Greetings!  Yes we did receive your wonderful CDs and we are working to make an order with you on these, we feel they will be a wonderful addition to our spa  Keep in touch with me on this please  Beverly B."


"Thanks Karen.  I'm looking forward to including the CD's in my Gift Baskets.  I appreciate your speedy delivery of these items and I'm sure I'll be back in touch.  If you have any new CD's out, please drop me an email.   Thanks, Carol"

"Good Afternoon Karen,   I am so excited about your cd's! You'll be shipping to my residence. I'm opening a relaxation web shoppe and am sooooo glad I found your site. Your music is perfect for me. I think I put a search in yahoo for wholesale relaxation CD's. Thank You for your awesome music. Do you have plans for any new cd's? Thank's, Shelley"
"Good Morning,   I received my CD's last night and I love them. Thanks for the Season's Greeting's CD gift! I will have my site up and going soon so I hope the orders will be pouring in. Thank you so much for your awesome products and being so great to work with.  Shelley"


"Hi Karen,  I received my order the other day, and everything was in great condition.  Thank you for sending along the sample CD's as well. This is a residential address you are shipping to, the CD's are for a home based bath and body  business. Thank you for fast friendly service, I look forward to doing more business  with you.  Dawn E."

"Hi Karen -  We are happy to have found you.  I'm so glad that you have the music available on your site to hear what it sounds like.  You are shipping to a retail location. We heard about you through Rave Review Magazine.  Wishing You A Happy & Blessed Day!  Sincerely,  Sandi L. "


"Hi Karen,  Thank you so much for your prompt shipping!! I have to say, I love your products! I just returned from the Gift Show in Atlanta, and there were plenty of other companies that had baby theme CD's, but none compared to yours!  Sincerely, Maggie P., owner"

"I'm excited I'm one of your newest customers! My company is officially launching in January, so I know how it feels just starting. I wish you all the very best of luck for the success of your business.  We make a baby bath gift basket, and when I saw your CD Baby Bath Spa, it looked like a perfect fit. I usually don't like CDs in gift baskets, but your CD cover was so attractive and a perfect match for the style of our basket, I decided to check it out. Once I listened on your site and heard how pretty the music was, I was sold!. Just giving you all this info because I know it's important to understand what spurs sales. Let me know if anything else. Thanks very much! And I'm looking forward to working with you in the future! Jessica C."

"Thank you so very much.  I love your music CD's.  Have a wonderful day and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.  Jacque"






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